Control of H2S | CO2

Super Concentrated
ChainBreaker Microbe Blend

H2S / CO2/ SRB / APB Problem Solved:

Sulfate-Reducing Bacterium (SRB) and Acid Producing Bacterium (APB) accelerate metal corrosion from their byproduct Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) in oil wells and drilling equipment. They can be transferred into the formation when water from ponds, streams, or rivers is used for frac jobs, or introduced with dirty equipment. Their resulting biofilms are difficult to remove since the cells are cemented in a polymer matrix. Naturally occurring Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas is also a threat to well equipment due to its corrosive nature.

ChainBreaker will control the headache of SRB/APB present in oil fields. Chemicals cannot control or eliminate these bacterium, while ChainBreaker can do both. Black water will clear up, Iron sulfides will go away, filters will last longer, and tank bottoms will be cleaner. You will inject cleaner water into your injection system/water flood. Results can be seen and smelled.

The sludge at the bottom of tanks is where SRB/APB live, ferment, grow and release H2S into your system. Chemical companies rely on sinking solids, including hydrocarbons such as paraffin and asphaltenes, into tanks in attempts to control these bacterium temporarily, but simply have no control over the natural CO2. ChainBreaker microbes combine the CO2 molecules with other environmental molecules to produce methanol (CH3 OH), which becomes methane (CH4), a sellable natural gas.

ChainBreaker microbes remove the SRB's food source Iron sulfides which, while not appearing naturally, are generated through completion procedures like acid jobs. ChainBreaker cleaves the bond between Iron and sulfur molecules, consuming and implementing the Sulphur into the microbial cell walls. Iron particles disperse as these bonds are broken. Since they are constantly dividing and growing, ChainBreaker microbes require more sulfur. The end result is the SRB/ APB being starved out and viable to form H2S. Cleaner water/no iron sulfides/less tank bottom sludge-leaving no SRB/ APB breeding ground.

Use a natural solution to fix natural problems with ChainBreaker.